The Advent Calendar

What you need:

Craft string, paper bags

1. Hang sturdy craft string horizontally where you would like the Advent calendar to hang

2. Number paper pags from 1-25 in any way you like

3. Fold the bags onto the string in order!


Sparkling Christmas trees

What you need:

Ice cream cones (various sizes), white choc-chip melts, sparkling sugar/ standing sugar/ sugar pearls

1. Melt white choc chips in the microwave, or as directed by the package

2. Dip cone ice-cream cone into the melted chocolate

3. Springle with sanding sugar, sparkling sugar, or surgar pearls, the choice is yours!

4. Set until dry

Put it on top of a cake or cupcake for quick Christmas decorating ideas!


Twine Ball Ornaments

What you need:

Balloons, cling wrap, craft string/ twine, craft glue

1. Blow a balloon to the size you want the ornament to be

2. Wrap the balloon in cling wrap

3. Wrap twine, or craft string around the balloon

4. Paint the string with a water-based glue or craft glue that clears dry, and let it dry

5. Pop the balloon! 


Seashell Christmas Ornament

What you need:

Shells, clear plastic balls, twine/ craft string, craft glue


1. Fill clear plastic ball with shells

2. Wrap twine around the top and glue it in place

3. Hang on the tree!