It's the beginning of the year, meaning Festival season has begun! We've listed the mosted important items to take with you, weather it be to Mountain Sounds, Soundwave, Future Music, or Groovin the Moo! Making sure your hygiene and health is on point is super important - do this by taking wet ones (what if there's no toilet paper?!?!), lip balm, sunscreen, bandaids, hair ties and a water bottle (take a soft water bottle so it's easier to carry and refill).  Keeping your makeup in tact is a massive plus, so keep it minimal and wear waterproof mascara (remember: the more glitter, the better). Prepare for unpredictable weather - pack a light rain poncho! We all love to look back at photos, so capture those moments - we recommend using a film camera like a disposable or even a proper film camera, otherwise using your phone is good. Remember to stay super groovy with your coolest hat and funkiest sunnies (also, sun protection). It's best to take a cool backpack to have this stuff at the ready. We've all had moments where we really wished we had a hair tie or a rain poncho, it's best to be prepared so we can jam with no worries!