Summer is here and we’re already prepared with our beached hair how-to! If you’ve got straight, wavy or curly hair, you can still achieve this envious hairstyle.



What you need:

Curling wand

Texture spray or sea-salt spray

Anti-frizz serum or spray

Blow dryer



If you’ve got straight hair, make sure your hair has been washed and let it air dry. Once it’s air dryed, apply texturizing spray, or sea salt spray (sea salt spray does wonders). Use a medium sized curling iron and take 5cm sections of hair and wrap it around the wand. Wave your sections unevenly for that natural, messy look



If your hair is natural wavey, just add some texturizing spray and you’re set! You can also use a curling wand to wave to touch up areas that haven’t waved properly. Flip your hair upside-down and scrunch those waves!



Start with blown out hair with a hair dryer just to straighten those curls. Apply an anti-frizz cream or serum before to avoid any dramas! Just like the straight hair how-to, use a curling wand and texture spray to create those waves.