Terrariums are so intriguing and magical it almost makes you feel like you want to live inside of one. Cure your boredom by getting crafty with the most simple and enchanting plant DIY! This is literally the easiest method we found on the internet, so nothing to woe about! We'd love to see re-creations in the comments below!

What you need:

  • Clear glass or plastic container or jar (be creative! You can use old coffee jars, fishbowls, antique glass cases, mason jars, light globes etc…)]
  • Small stones, and rock
  • Soil fit for cacti and succulents
  • Moss
  • White sand (optional)
  • Cacti and succulents, and other plants you wish to use


1. Spread a thin layer of white sand at the bottom of the jar, or container
2. Add a layer of small stones and rocks on top.
3. (Optional) Add a light layer of moss to help keep the soil from coming through

4. Add the potting soil, be generous with about 2 inches, giving room for the plants roots to grow. Be creative! This terrarium has a slope to give it more depth.
5. Time to add the plants! Arrange as you wish.

 Plant care tips:

  • Make sure you place the terrarium in moderate to indirect sunlight
  • Water the terrarium when the soil looks dry, or every couple of days with a light spray



(Source: Live Love Larson Blog)