Summer is only a few days away for us Aussies! So it's important to make sure we're preparing ourselves for that extreme heat... DGF HQ has listed a few of the must do's below!


1. Exfoliate

Get rid of all those dead skin cells and say hello to new ones! If you're at the beach, the sand will do wonders...

2. Moisterise

Make sure you moisterise after you exfoliate! This'll make sure your skin is silky smooth and ready for a swimsuit. Use a balm on areas that need more intensive moisterising, like your elbows and knees.

3. Shape your brows

Get your eyebrows shaped. This means you won't have to worry about filling them in when you go for a swim. This doesn't mean overplucking! Go to a professional if you're clueless.

4. Get a summer scent

Ditch your heavy Winter scent and go for something light and floral. Try body mist's for a more subtle scent, or the Escentric Molecules perfume for something more natural.

5. Get a pedicure

It's time to ditch our Winter boots and bring out the sandals. Get rid of those blisters and get those nails painted!

6. Fake tan!

Bronze up with a fake tan. Try Bondi Sands or St Tropez, they have the best results!