We are sure many of you are quite familiar with the instagram acc @rowisingh. She’s that IT girl and she sure stands out with her own unique style. We decided to track her down one day and was very lucky to get hold of her finally! This babe has been modelling with us for quite some time now and we thought she would be perfect for our Western Obsession look book. After the shoot we had a little chat to see what she was all about!

 If you’re already getting excited about this look book featuring our babe Rowi, wait till you hear what she’s got to say about herself. 

This was one of our most fun shoots so far! 


What Is your full name? 

Rowena Singh  

Describe yourself in 3 words 

Genuine, trendy and sometimes silly!  

How would you describe your fashion style?  

My fashion is very "bohemian witch" - I love wearing dark colours and lots of heavy jewellery.  

Tell us more about your body art e.g. hand and face thats all over your instagram 

I love decorating my body with flash tattoos, gems, sparkles etc.  My Indian culture has also influenced my style as I love getting henna done and wearing bindis. I also love being unique in everything that I do which is why I'll also have a creative arrangement of flash tattoos or henna on my hand! 

 Fave part about being a model and blogger? 

I love meeting meeting new people with similar interests as me and inspiring others with my style. It's incredibly rewarding.  

Who are your top 3 instagram influencers?

 My current Insta obsessions are: 

@trustmedaddy (diva) 

@foxillaa (holy look at that face) 

 @elizabethjanebishop (babe) 

 What’s currently in your handbag 

My Nars lipstick, gum, sunnies and wallet 

Best selfie tip? 

Find that good lighting or it aint gonna happen 

Your current boy/girl celeb crush 

Forever crushing on Rihanna  

Future aspiration?  

Hopefully someday I'll have my website up and running, a youtube and my own clothing brand (dream big).


There you go! We hope she answered your all your curiosities.