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GLO TATTS® x WILD & FREE Metallic Tattoos - Exclusive Limited Edition

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Introducing the Wild & Free Jewelry x GLO TATTS limited edition collection! This special pack draws upon modern day bohemian culture and natural elements to bring you eclectic temporary tattoos you won't want to take off! Assemble our graphics in large pieces to cover your wrists, hands and fingers or decorate yourself in smaller accents across the body. Whether you're at a festival or at the beach or simply rockin' these tatts in daily life, we hope our designs evoke a free spirit and remind you to appreciate nature in all it's wildness. Be Wild, Live Free and GLO

Pack contains:

3 sheets of white with metallic hues temporary tattoos
Comes in a beautiful metallic embossed envelope
Collection of geometric, bohemian inspired designs
Flowers, crescent moon and bindi's to adorn your face